Fairy Tail Is Atrocious [Part 0: The Prelude]

fairy fail image 1


This is really happening. All of my aggression towards Fairy Tail will now come in the form of many blog posts, and this first part is the prelude to my undying hatred of this trash anime/manga. I love to hate Fairy Tail, simple as that. There is absolutely no joy in reading this series anymore. I’m just honestly still reading this series just to say that I completed it when it ends relatively soon. It really is funny that I’m saying all this because at one point I truly did like Fairy Tail, as it was one of the first major shonen anime/manga series I truly got myself invested in. So how did I get into Fairy Tail? 

One of my former acquaintances consistently told me to start watching Fairy Tail in the middle of 2014. I did just that. Eventually I watched all 200 episodes of the anime that were out at the time. I absolutely loved it. I liked it so much that it led me to read the manga (BIG FUCKING MISTAKE ON MY END ALMOST 3 YEARS LATER). I caught up to around chapter 400 (which was around the end of the Tartaros arc) and was somehow more invested into it than ever before. I’ve been reading it weekly ever since and BOY DO I REGRET THAT SHIT!

I was aware of the problems Fairy Tail had even when I was a pretty big fan of it 3 years ago, but I still persevered and loved it (especially with the shitty Grand Magic Games arc). I can even admit something positive about Fairy Tail where from the beginning of the series to the Tenrou Island arc (everything before the first time skip) was all pretty good (I’ll also include the Tartaros arc in as well). If I would rate the first 122 episodes of Fairy Tail plus the Tartaros arc, I would give it all a combined score of a 7.5/10. It was entertaining, but it obviously couldn’t save the latter part of the series. That is probably one of the few times I’m going to positively talk about Fairy Tail in this blog post series.

The seed of hatred for Fairy Tail didn’t start until the end of the Avatar arc, where Natsu decided to one-shot this villain that was hyped up as a War God or some stupid shit. That sucked. I didn’t start to truly hate Fairy Tail until chapter 489, and the seed that was planted in chapter 434 bloomed into frustration. I wanted talk about my experience with Fairy Tail first, before I really go in about the many problems that this trash series has. STRAP IN BOIII, BECAUSE WE GONNA DIE!!

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