Ayo I’m Back!

tohasaka rin thumbs up

My goodness I took some time off from blogging about weeb crap! To make this short and sweet, I got burned out in the middle of May from blogging. I’ve also pretty much been burned out on anime for the past month or so, but I hope to back into it within the next few weeks after the Summer season ends, which I decided to skip out on. I realized I was really careful on how to make my blog posts, but now I’m just going to blog whatever the hell I want regarding anime/manga.

I hope to continue the “Fairy Tail Is Atrocious” series at some point soon, though no promises. Another thing I really want to do to dedicate myself to blogging is to start posting a blog post every day for a month straight starting in September. Stay tuned, as I got many ideas for blog posts coming up, thank you!

1 thought on “Ayo I’m Back!

  1. Henlo am poor man frum Latvia. I habe tiny home with only wife, donkey and son. We have selled our dauther for potatoe. Only thing that keep me go is anime. I luv all anime frum unlimited fafnir, fairy tale, elfen lied, and goblin rape show. But no one in my country see anime. They tell me”Mihails, why waste time and rot brain with Chinese boob shows, when you can work potato field instead? But finally you understand my anime taste and for that I make love to my wife for honor of you. You are man who will bring anime to proud Latvia!!!!


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