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Ayo I’m Back!

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My goodness I took some time off from blogging about weeb crap! To make this short and sweet, I got burned out in the middle of May from blogging. I’ve also pretty much been burned out on anime for the past month or so, but I hope to back into it within the next few weeks after the Summer season ends, which I decided to skip out on. I realized I was really careful on how to make my blog posts, but now I’m just going to blog whatever the hell I want regarding anime/manga.

I hope to continue the “Fairy Tail Is Atrocious” series at some point soon, though no promises. Another thing I really want to do to dedicate myself to blogging is to start posting a blog post every day for a month straight starting in September. Stay tuned, as I got many ideas for blog posts coming up, thank you!

Fairy Tail Is Atrocious [Part 0: The Prelude]

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This is really happening. All of my aggression towards Fairy Tail will now come in the form of many blog posts, and this first part is the prelude to my undying hatred of this trash anime/manga. I love to hate Fairy Tail, simple as that. There is absolutely no joy in reading this series anymore. I’m just honestly still reading this series just to say that I completed it when it ends relatively soon. It really is funny that I’m saying all this because at one point I truly did like Fairy Tail, as it was one of the first major shonen anime/manga series I truly got myself invested in. So how did I get into Fairy Tail?  Continue reading

Random Thoughts on Spring Season 2017 Anime, Binging Anime, and Probably Some Other Junk

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Let me be very frank here: this anime season has been disappointing to me personally. I touched upon it slightly in my Spring Season 2017 Anime First Impressions, but my goodness, I have been really underwhelmed with this season. It may sound negative, and I don’t like to be negative all the time, but some of the anime airing this season I was hyped up for were just so mediocre that it killed some of my passion to watch weekly anime for this season.

I’m currently keeping up with nine anime from this season, which include: Continue reading

Spring Season 2017 Anime First Impressions

Fuck this blog post is really late. Yeah me not getting this blog post out earlier is due to a combination of being lazy and me watching the entire the Kara no Kyoukai film series (which is fucking brilliant). So I let a few weeks pass by to let a few episodes for anime I thought were interesting to build-up, and now I’ll give my piece on them. Not going to lie, this season did not start off strong when stuff started premiering last week. For the first half of last week, most of the shows airing were somewhat of a letdown or just straight up sucked balls. But then Thursday happened, and that is when many good anime started to come out, and it has arguably stayed that way since last Thursday. Though some disappointments have arisen, this season has met my expectations somewhat, as it looks like most of the anime I will be sticking with this season will be consistent with the content it has.

Most anime series airing this season have premiered, so I’ll be covering most of the anime that I said I would watch the first episode of. The anime I haven’t watched the first episode of include: Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism, CLOCKWORK PLANET, eromanga sensei, KABUKIBU!, ATOM: THE BEGINNING, and sin Nanatsu no Taizai, where I just didn’t have time to watch the first episode or I just heard it sucked and didn’t feel like wasting the energy to watch some trash. Despite all that, here are my thoughts on the anime that have aired this season so far:

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Ranked Anime List + My Scoring System

This is going to be where I brutally rate most of the anime I have watched, as this specific blog post will be updated for every show I complete, although some anime will be left out intentionally. Anime that are on this list could also be updated in the future, as I may feel differently about a series, so I may rate a show higher or lower if I feel a different opinion on it down the line. I will also put my scoring system on this post as well, which is going to be a standard 1-10 scale. Here is the rating scale that I am implementing for anime that I’ve completed and must be scored:

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Spring Season 2017 Anime Preview

Here is the chart of the anime I looked at for this season: http://anichart.net/Spring-2017

Winter has come to a close and Spring has begun. Even though last season was pretty decent (in my opinion), the Spring season is where most of the hype shit airs for the year (this can also apply to the Summer season), and where you can possibly find a new hit anime series or two. Just a heads up, I will not be talking about Attack on Titan S2 since I want to watch it when it’s over, not while it is airing, since some shows are better to binge than to watch weekly. I like to look for new shows to watch each season more than anything, rather than saying “OMFG SEASON 69 OF BOKU NO PICO IS COMING THIS SEASON”, though I will be watching a few sequels this season.

So this is my season preview. Some of the stuff I will talk about will possibly be good, bad, or a masterpiece even. I may drop or put on-hold some of these shows I will talk about as the season goes on, but it is clear that this will be an entertaining season. So time to speculate the living shit out of this season!

Screenshot (24)Screenshot (25)Screenshot (26)Screenshot (27)Screenshot (28)Screenshot (29)Screenshot (30)Screenshot (31)Screenshot (32)Screenshot (33)Screenshot (34)Screenshot (35)Screenshot (36)Screenshot (37)

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Winter Anime 2017 What I Think/Wrap-Up (Part 2)

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Now that all of the good (except Zestiria, which I regret not dropping sooner) has been talked about, let us get to what I thought was bad enough for me to drop this season, as well as the shows I put on hold for the time being, which weren’t necessarily bad.


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(First Blog Post) Winter Anime 2017 What I Think/Wrap-Up (Part 1)

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This is my first blog post so please give me constructive criticism on how to improve this blog, but in a nutshell I have many opinions about anime (as well as manga) and I want to throw my thoughts about this current season of anime, which is currently wrapping up. As of the posting of this blog, the season should be wrapped up in less than two weeks, but my overall thoughts of this anime season was that it was pretty average to somewhat fine. I definitely do like this season more than the Fall 2016 season, which I personally thought was trash, but that is probably because I was burned out by the end of 2016.

This season didn’t have a mass quantity of amazing shows, but of the 8 shows I’ve kept up with this Winter, 7 out of the 8 shows have ranged from being pretty good to pretty great. The only show that I think wasn’t either good or great was Tales of Zestiria the X 2nd Season, which is currently going downhill as of this blog post. So it is about time I give my piece/quick thoughts on each show:


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