Ayo I’m Back!

tohasaka rin thumbs up

My goodness I took some time off from blogging about weeb crap! To make this short and sweet, I got burned out in the middle of May from blogging. I’ve also pretty much been burned out on anime for the past month or so, but I hope to back into it within the next few weeks after the Summer season ends, which I decided to skip out on. I realized I was really careful on how to make my blog posts, but now I’m just going to blog whatever the hell I want regarding anime/manga.

I hope to continue the “Fairy Tail Is Atrocious” series at some point soon, though no promises. Another thing I really want to do to dedicate myself to blogging is to start posting a blog post every day for a month straight starting in September. Stay tuned, as I got many ideas for blog posts coming up, thank you!

Ranked Anime List + My Scoring System

This is going to be where I brutally rate most of the anime I have watched, as this specific blog post will be updated for every show I complete, although some anime will be left out intentionally. Anime that are on this list could also be updated in the future, as I may feel differently about a series, so I may rate a show higher or lower if I feel a different opinion on it down the line. I will also put my scoring system on this post as well, which is going to be a standard 1-10 scale. Here is the rating scale that I am implementing for anime that I’ve completed and must be scored:

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