Ranked Anime List + My Scoring System

This is going to be where I brutally rate most of the anime I have watched, as this specific blog post will be updated for every show I complete, although some anime will be left out intentionally. Anime that are on this list could also be updated in the future, as I may feel differently about a series, so I may rate a show higher or lower if I feel a different opinion on it down the line. I will also put my scoring system on this post as well, which is going to be a standard 1-10 scale. Here is the rating scale that I am implementing for anime that I’ve completed and must be scored:

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Winter Anime 2017 What I Think/Wrap-Up (Part 2)

trash anime

Now that all of the good (except Zestiria, which I regret not dropping sooner) has been talked about, let us get to what I thought was bad enough for me to drop this season, as well as the shows I put on hold for the time being, which weren’t necessarily bad.


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