Spring Season 2017 Anime First Impressions

Fuck this blog post is really late. Yeah me not getting this blog post out earlier is due to a combination of being lazy and me watching the entire the Kara no Kyoukai film series (which is fucking brilliant). So I let a few weeks pass by to let a few episodes for anime I thought were interesting to build-up, and now I’ll give my piece on them. Not going to lie, this season did not start off strong when stuff started premiering last week. For the first half of last week, most of the shows airing were somewhat of a letdown or just straight up sucked balls. But then Thursday happened, and that is when many good anime started to come out, and it has arguably stayed that way since last Thursday. Though some disappointments have arisen, this season has met my expectations somewhat, as it looks like most of the anime I will be sticking with this season will be consistent with the content it has.

Most anime series airing this season have premiered, so I’ll be covering most of the anime that I said I would watch the first episode of. The anime I haven’t watched the first episode of include: Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism, CLOCKWORK PLANET, eromanga sensei, KABUKIBU!, ATOM: THE BEGINNING, and sin Nanatsu no Taizai, where I just didn’t have time to watch the first episode or I just heard it sucked and didn’t feel like wasting the energy to watch some trash. Despite all that, here are my thoughts on the anime that have aired this season so far:

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Ranked Anime List + My Scoring System

This is going to be where I brutally rate most of the anime I have watched, as this specific blog post will be updated for every show I complete, although some anime will be left out intentionally. Anime that are on this list could also be updated in the future, as I may feel differently about a series, so I may rate a show higher or lower if I feel a different opinion on it down the line. I will also put my scoring system on this post as well, which is going to be a standard 1-10 scale. Here is the rating scale that I am implementing for anime that I’ve completed and must be scored:

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